Non-Fiction Publications


What Is It About the Word ‘Wife’?” The New York Times, 2018


“Branding” This Magazine, 2017


“The Language Spoken at Home” Antigonish Review 188, 2017


“Chinchillas” Prism international 54.4, 2016


“Overnight Taxi” Toronto Globe and Mail, 2014


“Letting Go” CBC Radio One, DNTO, 2014


“Sweaty Palms and Chin Sucking: Romance in the 80s” CBC Radio One, DNTO, 2014


“Pilgrimages” CBC Radio One, DNTO 2014


“Izzy’s Friends” skirt! Magazine, 2013


“She Had a Farm in Africa” Travel Thru History, 2013


“Blue Moon at the Gas Station” CBC Radio One, DNTO, 2013


“Why I Tossed Out My Law Degree”
Toronto Globe and Mail, 2012


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